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backing tracks shows

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centrestage backing tracks shows

BACKING TRACKS SHOWS - solo performers or a group with backing tracks - without the band.

MINCEOLOGY - click here
WHOLE lotta LAUGHS - Gino & Donna - click here
Tina Turner Songbook - with Donna Africa - CLICK HERE
Funni Galore - Gino Fabbri & Donna Africa - CLICK HERE
Michael Buble Tribute - Jace Bowren & Thuba Myeki - CLICK HERE
The Nuvo Retro Topsy Turvy Music Show - CLICK HERE

Toasted Nuts! - Gino Fabbri & Donna Africa - CLICK HERE
Serial Comic - Barry Hilton LIVE! - click here
Funny You Should Say That! - Barry Hilton & Gino Fabbri - click here
NUTS - Gino Fabbri is Completely nuts - click here
Escape - The Centrestage Boyband - click here
TOAST! - Gino Fabbri in his hilarious one man (with a woman!) show - click here
BIG VOICE, BIG HEART - Diva Donna Africa in her own show - click here
DIVAS - Donna Africa, Robynn King & Lynn Cosme with Thuba Myeki pay tribute to the DIVAS - click here

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