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alan kozak

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Alan Kozak has an alluring and captivating stage presence which compliments his fine, smooth vocals and his wonderfully authentic feel on acoustic and electric guitar.

An accurate vocalist and passionate player who always engages his listener, no matter the style of music he is playing, Alan has performed in various ensembles where he is a member of the celebrated Centrestage All-Star Band.

He has taken on various roles in a number of successful Centrestage shows:

In The Folk Lords, he was a convincing Eric Clapton and Neil Young, in Pink Floyd - Shine On he performed the complex electric rhythm guitar flawlessly.

Neil Diamond - Hot August Night saw Alan on acoustic guitar and guesting on some fronting vocals, while Monsters of Rock highlighted his vocal similarity to Sting, while also showing his versatility as a lead player in the likes of Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones,The Police and others.

Striking a Chord - featuring the music of Crosby,Stills,Nash and Young saw Alan stealing the thunder with his heartfelt renditions of Neil Young classics.

In The New Magnificent 7, Alan’s wizardry was further highlighted as Fleetwood Mac, Queen, Abba, The Beatles and more were saluted.

A tribute Creedence Clearwater Revival saw Kozak recreating the garage band sound, while The Vintage Rockers once again featured Alan as Eric Clapton, lending his "slowhand" and soothing voice to classic songs like Layla, I Shot the Sherrif and Lay Down Sally.

Most recently, you could catch Alan in 'The Good the Bad and the Ugly' performing as wide an arc as from Willie Nelson to The Traveling Wilburys and fronting George Harrison favourites Here Comes the Sun and While my Guitar Gently Weeps.

When not in front of a live band you'll find him behind the mixing desk fine tuning the sound for others.

Top of his class in the country, Alan has “great ears” for sound - he has mixed hundreds of corporate and public shows for Centrestage and still enjoys all of it.

After 15 years in the industry as a performer and engineer a sense of ease has come to him.

Alan is always the real deal - he submerges himself in his music and you can tell he means every bit of it when he does it!

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