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Funni Galore is Gino Fabbri and Donna Africa’s latest all-new package of laughter which pokes fun at the crazy characters who inhabit our multi-cultural, multi-lingual melting pot that is our South African society.

The show guarantees audiences that they will leave none the wiser after seeing this production, save for a whole lot of chuckles, one-liners and belly laughs galore.

Some brand new characters are introduced, whilst hilarious new chapters are shared in the lives of old favourites.

Funni Galore is the fourth in the series of shows co-written between Fabbri and Centrestage owner Gary Hemmings, following on from their previous hits Toast, Gino Fabbri is Completely Nuts and last years’ Toasted Nuts.

Donna Africa comes to the show following on from winning the best actress award for her critically acclaimed role in Fiela se Kind last year and also having the distinction of headlining Queen salute Viva Queen at the Opera House in front of the East Cape Philharmonic Orchestra recently.

The ever-popular comedian Fabbri has also had the honour of performing in Funny You Should Say That along with Barry Hilton over the past 2 festive seasons.

New to the show are the somewhat insecure vampire Clyde Van Piere, who has a speech impediment and hails from Stutterheim, as well as the cantankerous old Italian patriarch Nonna Pirata , who says exactly what is on her mind because she feels she has absolutely nothing to lose!

Follow the trials and tribulations of the disastrous and very camp events co-ordinator Lejeandrevonne Rensburgh as he regales us with unfortunate tales from his youth in his desperate pursuit of love and professional respect – and never fear as traffic cop Helmut Rampsoed is all that stands between civil obedience and total chaos, whilst performing a less than military version of I’m Sexy and I Know It.

Trouble abounds in the land of the ladies as businessman Rancid Punjabi has to contend with an unexpected visit from his soon to be ex-wife, whilst Haffa Whiti gives rapper/gangster/taxi driver Gotitsa Whiti a very hard time this time around.

Donna Africa shows off her extraordinary transformation from classy cabaret singer to the Mitchells Plain inhabitant Beronyce – as she shares her difficulties of trying to get maintenance from Virgil, along with the details of some of his run ins with the law, although Virgil sees an entirely different side to proceedings.

Yet another sorry backstory unfolds as the unusually under-endowed in the talent department, Ruan Hollywood, shares his memoirs of his dysfunctional upbringing and tragic love-life – and surprises us with a new show-stopping musical endeavour which is bound to have the Idols judges cringing once again.

A new show finale sees Fabbri integrating his drumming skills as he takes his audience on a show-stopping evolution of drums, showcasing some of the most popular and recognisable drum riffs of all time.

No less crazy than its predecessors and brimming with the trademark Fabbri/Africa humour, musical spoofs, energy and likeability, Funni Galore promises nothing but an ever escalating series of escapist chuckles – and is just the tonic that is needed in a world far too obsessed with the deeper search for meaning in life and the arts!

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