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Simon & Garfunkel Tribute - Feeling Groovy Centrestage

Fri 30 Jan - Simon & Garfunkel Songbook - Old Grey

“The feedback from audiences who saw this show was overwhelming”, said Centrestage’s Gary Hemmings.

“This show displayed so much heart and fantastic musicality that it immediately became on of my all-time favourite productions which I have been proud to present”, he continued.

“The pacing of Feeling Groovy was significantly different from many of our previous Centrestage offerings, as the focus was placed more on the subtle instrumentation and emotional interpretation of the wonderful Simon and Garfunkel songbook than on sheer entertainment value, which the show offered in dollops to fans and newcomers alike”.

“When it comes to local musical icons, nobody has a pedigree to match that of Neil Thomson, whose articulate guitar finger work and deep understanding of the folk genre made him an ideal Paul Simon stand-in. His long-time compatriot Roger Gilson’s insanely clear and high voice was a perfect match for Art Garfunkel, which is how the magic all began”

“What a joy it has been to discover the virtuoso talents of the likes of Hugo Kleinhans, so ably supported by Devon Van Rooyen and Andre Strydom on the rhythm section."

The 7 piece musical ensemble pays loving tribute to the world’s most beloved song-writing duo in a way in which the respect for and adoration of the music is palpable and highly infectious as the much loved songs are recreated with authenticity and given a wonderfully sympathetic treatment by this superb group of consummate players.

32 songs are included in the lineup, including Simon and Garfunkel favourites such as The Sound of Silence, Homeward Bound, Mrs Robinson, Slip Sliding Away, Bridge over Troubled Water, Hazy Shade of Winter, 50 ways to leave your lover and American Tune.

Selections from Paul Simon’s solo career such as You can call me Al, Late in the evening, Diamondson the Souls of Her Shoes, Take Me to the Mardis Gras and Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard are also included, as is the souring Art Garfunkel solo hit Bright Eyes.

Click here for a special preview of the way that the talented band handles the wonderful Simon and Garfunkel harmonies.

One of PE’s long-time favourite musicians and Grey High School teacher Neil Thomson was coaxed out of retirement by the prospect of paying tribute to his own musical heroes, as he joins fellow stalwart Roger Gilson up front for their third Centrestage collaboration together since The Folk Lords and Striking a Chord.

Back L to R: Devon Van Rooyen, Andre Strydom, John Dickin, Hugo Kleinhans and Khanya Matomela
Front: L Roger Gilson, R Neil Thomson

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