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Gino Fabbris Toasted Nuts - extra shows after complete sellout!

The last run of Toasted Nuts proved so popular we ended up with a waiting list of over 200 people, so they are back by public demand!!

Crazy funnyman and Italian Stallion Gino Fabbri and his side-chick Donna Africa will offer an evening of raucous laughter and hijinks with a combination of something old and something new.

Nothing is sacred in this music and comedy romp which sees Fabbri reprising some of his favourite characters from his hit shows Toast and Nuts - and introducing some new ones, including the French Naked Chef Phillip Follop and other loons!

Proving that the double dip recession forces people to do strange things, Fabbri disrobes his characters of their dignity as Follop looks down his nose at anything that isn’t French, presenting a questionable cooking masterclass, peppered with insults and sautéed with disdain!

The highly likeable, quick-witted Fabbri is a master of accents who brings out the funny side of life through his many hilarious characters, who seem to share an inability to accurately perceive exactly what is going on around them.

Outrageous consequences ensue as they try to compensate for their short-comings!

“Hiding behind the guise of a dysfunctional persona’s grants one an enormous amount of licence!”, says Fabbri.

“I regularly get to say what I have always wanted to – often exactly what everyone is thinking, but what they are too polite to say out aloud.”

His compatriot in crime, the beautiful, sexy, leggy diva with an explosive voice, Donna Africa, lends a modicum of class and dignity to proceedings as her persona’s act as a soundboard for Fabbri’s craziness.

Africa lights up the stage and captivates her audience with her powerful voice and confident, pleasing on-stage presence.

Her own comedic timing tends to steal the show at times!

Fabbri and Africa will bring Toasted Nuts to PE after a successful national tour of “Gino Fabbri is Completely Nuts”, which saw their 2 week and 3 week runs in Cape Town and Durban respectfully being met with unanimous praise and rave reviews by critics and audiences alike who gave standing ovations for every performance of their run!

Their show can be enjoyed in a chairs around tables environment with drinks and a meal catered by Black Peppa.


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