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It’s that crazy end of the year office party time – and what better way to celebrate than to throw caution to the wind, let your hair down and take a roller coaster musical ride with the best live band in town as they play the a whirlwind selection of sing-along, feel-good party music specially tailored to ensure you party your socks off!

Centrestage presents a week’s run of The Ultimate Strictly Partytime at the MMM Loubscher Auditorium from 17 to 21 November, as the Centrestage All-Star Band presents a celebration of celebrations as the greatest party songs of all time are given the Centrestage All-Star Band treatment.

This is the fourth successive edition of a show which has become a traditional favourite at the end of the year. This is the only Centrestage show which has a later start (20h30) to allow patrons and office groups to dine out before-hand – and patrons to get up and dance in the aisles and in front of the stage right up close to the band.

This year, the music is selected from the most memorable party moments taken from their many hit shows, the best of previous strictly party-times, as well as selections from the band’s red-hot corporate party set, which they fly around South Africa to perform to great acclaim at top functions.

With ever-popular funnyman Gino Fabbri at the comedy helm, Will Jenson with Kanya Matomela on keyboards and the latter as Chuck Berry, newcomer to the band Thuba Mayeki as Michael Jackson and Paul Simon, Wayne Kallis as Bono, Bon Jovi and George Michael, Donovan Hattingh tearing it up on guitar, Mike McAuley as cool as ever on bass, Donna Africa and Lani Botha up front giving stick to Roxette and Abba, this is one high octane party show which is not to be missed.

Songs such as Sweet Caroline, La Bamba, Radar Love, Beds Are Burning, Jump, Come on Eileen and Pride are just a few of the party selections.

All the good time memories will come flooding back as the Centrestage All-Star band apply their brand of musical genius to the act of having a good time - and if only a portion of the fun that is had onstage transfers to the audience, you are in for one hell of a party!

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