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common & class gino fabbri ian von memerty

Two hilarious and versatile performers in a laugh-a-minute clash of cultures.

Ian von Memerty (Strictly Come Dancing, SA`s Got Talent and A Handful of Keys) and Gino Fabbri (no fixed abode) join forces in a show that will have you rolling on the floor and rocking in the aisles.
Gino`s dynamic drumming and Ian`s pyrotechnic pianism combined are an awesome combination, and together these two tackle everything from The Rocky Horror Show to Rock n Roll. But it is the confusion of Ian`s anally retentive Class being forced to work with the moronically enthusiastic Common which is the back bone of the show and which brings belly laugh after belly laugh.
Common thinks Class `has a stick up his arse`, and Class thinks working with Common is `like climbing Mount Everest naked carrying an angry yak on your back`.
The delights of country music are less than enthusiastically shared by Class as he is dragged kicking and screaming through cowboy land, whilst the finer expressions of classical music whistle past Common like a tumbleweed trundling through a deserted town.
It takes an unprecedented level of skill to pull off the kind of mime, drag, beat-boxing, guitar-playing, singing, acting and joke telling that this show demands. But this battle royal makes for one for the funniest shows you will ever see. Sparks fly, condescending hilarity ensues and all hell breaks loose as two of PE`s most beloved entertainers take merciless pot shots at each other in the guise of their alteregos `Common` and `Class`.I LAUGHED MYSELF A SIX PACK

It`s a rare treat for two such superb entertainers to unite for such a class act but that`s what Centrestage has done in pairing Ian von Memerty with Gino Fabbri in this hilarious new show.

The two together are genius, generating music, madness and heaps of belly-laughs. The keyboard skills of Von Memerty are legendary, as is his amazing versatility. However, the guitar skills of Fabbri have only recently been unearthed after years of battering the drums and tickling the funny bones. Toss in a few dance moves and it`s hilarious chaos.

In fact, it may be worth the price of a ticket just to see Fabbri thrust his hips through the Floss, not to mention the delectable sight of Von Memertydoing the Timewarp. His take on the Sweet Transvestite of The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a peachy role for this triple threat of the theatre.

The show is named after the characters - Fabbri is raw, rough and ready, while Von Memerty is super-smooth.

The revue has a rather naughty script which is quick and clever. It also includes musical medleys where Common and Class battle out their respective cultural backgrounds in song. Linking mellow ballads with rock stadium belters, they gallop through their repertoire with brisk and bouncy joie de vivre.


1/2 Feb 2019 - Old Grey PE - Computicket
6-17 Feb 2019 - Sneddon Theatre Durban - Computicket
26 Feb 2019 - Gold Reef Barnyard Gauteng
27 Feb 2019 - Silver Star Barnyard
28 Feb 2019 - Rivonia Barnyard
1 March 2019 - Emperor's Palace
6 March 2019 - Barnyard Cape Town
7 March 2019 - Hermanus
8/9 March 2019 - Playhouse George
10/11 March 2019 - Playhouse Somerset West - Computicket

Common & Class Gino Fabbri Ian Von Memerty

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