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ACDC / LED ZEPPELIN Tribute by Centrestage

Centrestage pays tribute to Led Zeppelin and ACDC

Centrestage pays tribute to the juggernauts of the rock genre, entitled Stairway to Heaven…Highway to Hell, this show has particular sentimental value, as it sees the group being reunited with their original bassist for the Centrestage All-Star Band and Kickass Guitar Shows, Mike McAuley, who moved to Cape Town at the beginning of 2011.

Also coming in from Cape Town is the legendary vocalist Deon Du Toit, whose searing vocal abilities puts him into a very small group of performers in the world who can emphatically emulate the then youthful ACDC’s Brian Johnson and Zeppelin’s Robert Plant by singing their songs in their original keys without having the band drop them to a lower register!

This is the first time that Centrestage will pay tribute to Led Zeppelin – however the ACDC segment will consist of highlights from their enormously popular ACDC tribute which they performed last year.

The guitar pyrotechnics will be provided by the extraordinary Jens Koudele who originates from Germany, where he learned his dynamic interactive guitar skills copying the showmanship of ACDC guitarist Angus Young whilst performing as a member of one of Europe’s top ACDC tribute bands.

The role of ACDC’s Bon Scott is once again played by Wayne Kallis – and livewire comedian Gino Fabbri completes the lineup on drums.

Popular Led Zeppelin classics will include the likes of Black Dog, Whole Lotta Love, Kashmir and Dazed and Confused, whilst ACDC fans can look forward to Whole Lotta Rosie, Back in Black, Stiff Upper Lip, You Shook me all night long and Thunderstruck, to name a few!

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